The best way to learn English

It’s never easy learning something new, like learning English for the first time. It’s not an easy process, but with some guidance in the right direction you can be successful in no time. So here are the best ways to learn English:

Spare Some Time, Make an Effort
Learning English requires a great deal of time and effort. The less time you can devote to learning, the slower you will be to grasp new concepts and sentence structures. If you feel you can’t dedicate even a little time to learning, maybe you’re not ready to learn English right now. If, however, you feel you could spare around an hour a day, you will be amazed at your vocabulary by the end of a month, and within six months, you could easily be speaking fluently.

Start with the Basics
The best approach to learning English is to start with the basics; numbers, letters of the alphabet, days of the week. Learn the basic vocabulary and most importantly write down everything you learn with the definition in your native language. This will enable you to produce your own reference guide to refresh your memory, and allow you to chart your progress over time.

Surround Yourself with English
Another good way to improve your English is to surround yourself with English by reading English books, magazines or newspapers, watch English movies and tv series and listen to English broadcasts and songs. It’s fun because you can pick any materials you like: celebrity news, your favorite English bands, or your favorite English author. Write a journal or start writing your diary in English. This way you learn to think in English instead of your native language. Speak English with your friend. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or sound stupid because speaking the language is the key to learning English, or any language.

Read English Books, Magazines or Newspapers
Reading helps you learn new words and build your vocabulary. While you read, write down any new words you encounter and find their meanings using a good English dictionary. So make sure you always have a dictionary with you when you’re reading. By reading you also learn to form sentences and indirectly learn your grammars. Make sure you start with lighter materials like magazines, newspapers and novels to make it easier for you to learn.

Watch English Movies, TV Series and News
Another fun yet very effective way to learn English.You can watch English movies and tv series (the ones with English subtitles are better) to expand your vocabulary and listen to the flow of speech from the actors. By listening to the news you can also hear different accents spoken by the newscasters.

Listen to English Songs
English songs are very popular and played all over the world by radio stations and MTV. Who doesn’t know The Beatles or Michael Jackson? Listening to music can be the most fun way to learn English. You just have to get the lyrics and try reading them as the singer sings. Try to understand the meaning of the song. Find the meanings of any new words you encounter. This way you also practice your reading and listening skills at the same time.

Test, Test, Test
You can only know how much you’ve progressed by completing exercises and taking tests. Just like in school where we have exams, exercises and tests give you a benchmark to compare your future results with. Only by comparing your score you realize just how much you have learned.

A Little Traveling
Visiting England or any states in the US or any other English-speaking countries to try out your skills might also be beneficial, as this could help you practice your skills first hand and develop the necessary analytical skills to converse freely with the native speakers. Plus you’re surrounding yourself with everything English.

Learning English requires time and dedication, but if you use your investment wisely, you will soon reap the benefits. Within weeks you should be structuring complex sentences and contemplating your own punctuation, and within several months you should be able to write and structure prose. If you’re dedicated enough, you’ll see the results sooner than you think.

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