We would appreciate if you spend a moment here writing your testimonial while you have studied or are still studying with us in English Quantum. Your appreciation and suggestions serve as a bridge for us to achieve a much better improvement.

Silakan tulis testimonial ataupun kesan dan pesan Anda di halaman ini jika telah ataupun masih sedang belajar di English Quantum. Kami akan sangat menghargainya untuk perbaikan kami selanjutnya. Terima kasih.


7 Responses to Testimonial

  1. tonikuswantoyo says:

    “Do you feel embarrassed when you speak English? Is your pronunciation bad? Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak?
    Do people have trouble understanding you? Is it difficult for you to understand native speakers? Do you feel frustrated because you still can’t understand English speakers easily?
    Is it possible that you will speak English well?”
    Those crazy things were exactly raging in my mind when I learned English in my early years. I believe that those syndromes will be experienced by those whom learn English as a foreign language, then make up their minds to study on it. I ended up those fears of learning English when I found English Quantum. By its instructors’ fine guidance and my determination, now I get my English a lot better. Even I’m able to make a blog in English. Check my blog out: http://familyliferesources.wordpress.com/. No Pain No Gain!

  2. Vanessa says:

    I like studying in English Quantum very much. The teachers here are very funny and smart. We have many games and activities. But my favorite is the cinema blast. The movies are so cool and funny! I can practice my English with fun. Thank you English Quantum.

    (PS: Vanessa adalah siswa English Quantum Puri Indah Sidoarjo level Junior. Selalu meraih peringkat 1 di sekolahnya di SD Permata Bunda Sidoarjo dalam kemampuan Bahasa Inggrisnya)

    • Jessica (Sophomore level - EQ Puri Indah) says:

      Same here ^ ^..
      I enjoy studying at English Quantum. Quantum makes me able to speak english better than before. When I was in junior high school, I thought english was a complicated language, but now, I think that learning english is very fun. Many activities that we do here, just like games and watch some movies. Those activities help me improve my english. My family and also my friends in overseas tell me that my grammar is good. Thank you English Quantum. -^^-

    • linDa..... says:

      I agree too.
      I also feel enjoy with the lesson.
      English Quantum can make me speak English well.

      now, the teacher at English Quantum asks me to practice with online writing :). so, by this way I can learn English easily and happpily with some different situation and lesson

  3. Renny Wahyuni says:

    I did my private lesson in English Quantum which I happened to learn with the boss himself :). He taught me some sophisticated techniques in confronting the IELTS (and English grammar) ;)which was the requirement for me to get my scholarship in Australia. Complex and complicated grammar (what was in my mind) is now felt easy and simple. Hehe. Thanks for the big help yaah 😉

    (Renny Wahyuni mendapatkan beasiswa dari Aus-aid ke Australia dari University of New South Wales selama 1 tahun dan beberapa persyaratan adalah tes IELTS dan juga Academic English preparation)

  4. Fahmi (Junior level - EQ Puri Indah) says:

    I like studying in Quantum because we always speak English in classroom,watch cinema,dvd and use computer to send email to our teachers.Thanks Quantum

  5. Arum Puji Lestari says:

    A big thanks to English Quantum for helping me through my TOEFL preparation. The teacher is good, patient and funny :). The technique is very very nice, easy to understand. Keep up the good work and professionalism!

    (Arum Puji Lestari mengikuti 30-hour TOEFL Preparation di English Quantum dan berhasil masuk dalam tes BRI – Selamat!)

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